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Notes on Large Character Writing of Shandong Wall Painted Wall
山东墙体彩绘是用环保的绘画颜料,按照主人的喜好和兴味、投合家居的全体作风,在墙面上绘出各种图案以到达装饰效果。手绘墙画是近年来居家装饰及乡村文明建立的潮流,它不但具有很好的装饰效果,独有的画面也表现了时髦档次。  选择,普通来说,目前居室内选择作爲电视背景墙、沙发墙和儿童房装饰的较多。墙画作风有中华风情、北欧繁复、田园颜色、卡通动漫等多种选择。假如是选择一面比拟次要的墙大面积地绘制,这种手绘墙画就是作爲家里的次要装饰物呈现的,矮小挺拔的树枝、酷感十足的几何造型,都会给访客带来十分大的视觉冲击,效果会十分突出;另外较爲罕见的墙画是针对一些比拟特殊的空间停止绘制,比方阳光房可以在部分绘制以太阳、花鸟爲主题的画,儿童房可以绘制卡通画,在楼梯间还可以画上妖娆的藤蔓等。
Shandong wall paintings are environmental friendly paints. According to the master's preferences and interests and the overall style of home, various patterns are painted on the wall to achieve decorative effect. Hand-painted wall painting is the trend of home decoration and the establishment of rural civilization in recent years. It not only has a good decorative effect, but also shows a unique picture of fashionable grade. Choice, generally speaking, the current indoor choice as a TV background wall, sofa wall and children's room decoration more. The style of wall painting has many choices, such as Chinese style, Nordic complexity, pastoral color, cartoon animation and so on. If one side is chosen to compare with the secondary wall to draw in a large area, this kind of hand-painted wall painting is presented as the secondary decoration of the home. Short and straight branches and cool geometric modelling will bring great visual impact to visitors, and the effect will be very prominent. Another rare wall painting is to stop drawing for some special space, such as sunshine room. In order to draw part of the sun, flowers and birds as the theme of the painting, children's room can draw cartoons, staircase can also be painted on the enchanting vines and so on.
Today's hand-painted walls can be matched with a variety of home styles. Before painting, size, pattern, color and shape should be selected according to the style and color of the room. Living room, bedroom, dining room and bathroom can be the highlights of hand-painted wall, but at present, they are mostly used in TV background wall and restaurant decoration.
Although most wall hand-drawn designs seem complex, it is usually difficult to describe the ideal effect without artistic background. You can ask the teachers of the Academy of Fine Arts to assist in painting, or indirectly invite professional wall painting experts to complete.
Later, it is generally free to calculate by area. Complex graphics are about 100 yuan per square meter, and animal hand-painted is between 400 yuan and 1000 yuan per square meter. The price of portrait hand-painted is higher than that of animal. If you are confident about the art level, I can also draw the wall by hand, which can save money and enjoy the pleasure of graffiti. In this way, your hand-painted wall will become a unique "limited edition".
手绘墙确实可以摒弃画框装饰的僵硬与造作,将一幅幅活动、平面的画面定格在墙壁上。图案选择的多样性也爲家居装饰打上了“特性化标签”。动物图案居往年墙面手绘图案盛行之首。绿色动物、海草、贝壳、芭蕉、荷花等都成了手绘墙的宠儿。这种作风恰似女性的娇柔,考究层次感,强调用夸大的颜色和线条来表现。 心爱的植物或几米作风的漫画也可搬上墙面,这已成爲年老女性的最爱。这种作风多用线条勾勒出男女配角的抽象,颜色以浅色爲主。如选用卡通图案,可以呈现在角落、低矮处,可突出创意,以假乱真。
Hand-painted walls can indeed abandon the stiffness and artistry of frame decoration and fix a series of movable and flat pictures on the walls. The diversity of pattern choices has also put a "characteristic label" on home decoration. Animal designs are the most popular hand-painted designs on walls in the past years. Green animals, seaweed, shells, bananas, lotus and so on have become favorites of hand-painted walls. This style resembles feminine delicacy and layers, emphasizing exaggerated colors and lines. Cartoons of beloved plants or a few meters style can also be moved onto the wall, which has become the favorite of older women. This style often uses lines to outline the abstraction of male and female supporting roles, with light colors as the main color. If cartoon patterns are selected, they can be presented in corners and low places, highlighting creativity and making false and untrue.
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