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According to time and space, all media can be classified into two camps: time dimension and space dimension. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Internet and so on belong to the time dimension. Wall advertisements, bus body advertisements, building elevator advertisements, electronic screens, billboards, anti-aircraft guns and other outdoor advertisements, as well as some information media relying on Tetong channels (such as aviation miscellaneous, high-speed rail magazines and LED) belong to the space dimension. The former is active assets. Communication mode, the latter is passive information mode, the former is based on online traffic as the carrier, the latter is based on offline traffic as the carrier.
Time media can switch back and forth or even close, but space media can not choose, it is in people's living space, you see or not, it is there. In the time media, to attract the attention of the audience, it is necessary to win by content, while in the space media, the channel of information dissemination is more important.
For example, aviation magazine may be the most ugly magazine in the world. After reading it, you will never remember the content. But on the back cover, it is not Cartier or Rolex, Omega, Jiang Shidanton and other famous watches. Many people know about the brand recognition of watches from aviation magazines.
The same is true for wall advertisements. These advertisements are usually located on both sides of national highways and provincial highways. Imagine if you have such an experience: during a long and boring journey, you will find that enjoying roadside advertisements is a good way of entertainment, and the information they want to convey is unconscious. It is accepted by people, and there is no compulsion at all. It is more interactive than other media.
When a person is in more boring time and space than advertising, advertising is seen. At this point, the importance of content gives way to channels.
In the era of mobile interconnection, people's attention is focused on online traffic, while ignoring offline traffic. In fact, offline traffic is better in terms of cost-effectiveness and conversion rate. For example, when you are on the road and the electric car is out of power, you just see an advertisement on the wall of the electric car: *** The electric car has a longer endurance! Run *** kilometers with one charge of electricity! Is it much better than watching thousands of advertisements for electric cars on TV?
Wall Advertising for Electric Vehicles
The distinctive feature of wall advertisement is that it has its own scenes and is close to consumer terminals. Because it is in the audience's real life space, where the wall advertisement arrives, there will be a hot-selling scene in this area. It can be a field, a farm yard, or a standardized market. When the audience meets the advertisement in a specific scene, it will stimulate a stronger desire to buy.
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